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Data Processing Services

At Photo Services India, we provide our clients with highly accurate data entry and data processing services.

We take privilege in serving our customers who regularly outsource their data entry work to us because of our high quality standards, timely deliveries and complete confidentiality. Outsourcing the data entry and data processing services helps our clients to utilise their manpower and resources for core processes and other business activities. Thus, we serve to minimise your cost and effort and maximise your time and resources.

We provide flexibility in the way we function to suit your specifications and requirements. We offer to deliver the results on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis which can be monitored and analysed from time-to-time. We specialize in the capture, digitization and processing of data from a wide range of input sources such as handwritten forms, printed forms, web forms, e-mails, scanned images etc

We also work on both electronic and printed data

Electronic Data: We use various conversion tools and our customized software for the conversion of electronic data from any given format like word, spreadsheet, PDFs etc

Printed Data: For the data available in printed format, we use our advanced state-of-the-art scanning facilities to scan documents or images for conversion into a digital format. We also maintain a trained and skilled team proficient in manual data entry for proofing and editing, ensuring the accuracy of the data entered.

Our Data Processing Capabilities:
  • Online and offline data and order Entry
  • Data Digitization
  • Data Conversion
  • E-Cataloguing
  • Forms Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Rebate Processing

We offer our expertise and services for data entry and data processing for virtually all types of data which can broadly be categorised as follows:

  • Survey forms
  • Medical forms
  • Bills and receipts
  • Tax forms
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance forms
  • Business cards
  • White or yellow page forms

We ensure high quality for the results delivered no matter however urgent the requirement be. We are driven by customer satisfaction and hence offer a dedicated helpline and customer support which works round-the-clock to assist and guide our clients in the best way possible.


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